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FHA Loans offer financing for manufactured home mortgage loan. Looking for a FHA manufactured home mortgage? Best choice FHA Manufactured home loans.
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FHA Manufactured Home Mortgage | FHA Loan | Manufactured Home Loans
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Our professional staff  has decades of experience providing FHA mobile home loans, FHA mobile home financing and FHA mobile home refinancing
programs to thousands of satisfied customers with customer service second to none.  We are a direct source specializing in
FHA manufactured home financing and FHA manufactured home refinancing loans, nationwide.  Refinancing your current FHA mobile home loan
could save you thousands over the life of your FHA mobile home mortgage and also can provide cash out FHA mobile home refinancing loans for
anything you choose -----debt consolidation, tuition, FHA mobile home equity loans for improvements and more......  
FHA Mortgage Refinancing | FHA Home Loans | FHA Refinance | FHA Mortgage Refinance | FHA Mortgage Rates | FHA Home Equity
FHA Loan Limits for 2014 -- FHA Loan Guidelines - FHA Loan Requirements
FHA Mobile Home Mortgage - FHA Loan Information
FHA loan requirements and guidelines are simple and easy to understand. Prepare for your
FHA home loan with some important steps to make sure you can afford the mortgage.
FHA Refinance Mobile Home
We are your FHA streamline refinance
source for FHA Mobile Home Loans,
FHA Manufactured Home Loans,
FHA Mobile Home Refinance,
FHA Manufactured Home Refinance,
Lower Rates and Lower Payments.

The FHA wants you to get the loan
amount you are qualified for and
sets up conditions to allow you to
successfully buy an FHA home.

major mistake potential
homebuyers can make when
applying for an FHA home loan
is to make a major credit purchase.
Don't cloud your debt-to-income ratio
with a big purchase before applying
for your loan.

To pre-qualify for an FHA loan,
you should be able to demonstrate
employability, job stability and reliability.
FHA Manufactured Home Mortgage

FHA Manufactured Home Loans

FHA MORTGAGE  Rate and Term Refinance to 97.75% of your home's value.
Cash Out Refinance Mortgage to
85% your home's value.
Purchase Down Payment
3.5% of the home's value. The streamline refinance
is for mortgages already insured by the FHA. You'll need to be current on your
payments to qualify but won't need a new appraisal or credit check.

Offering mobile home land loans to include, mobile home with land purchase
financing and manufactured home on land refinancing programs.
Our goal is to provide the best manufactured land / home loan
products in the market today.

By combining manufactured homes on permanent foundations with land,
manufactured home owners can qualify for land / home loans at rates
that are much better than In Park loans and usually with tax advantages.  

Earth Works Trust was established to meet the loan needs of
land/home mobile and manufactured home owners and potential buyers.
We are proud to stand out and cut through the confusion of obtaining
manufactured home loans as a trusted service.

The majority of our customers have a real property land home package or
live in a mobile home park community,  but we also can help you with a
mobile home only loan if the home is on leased, rented or family land.

All closing costs can be financed into the loan to keep your out-of-pocket
expense low at the time of purchase or refinance.  Bi-weekly payments are
available through automatic bank drafts which save you thousands of dollars
in interest over the length of the loan term.

You can refinance your manufactured home with or without land to save
money monthly, payoff your home sooner or take cash out of the equity built.

Let's find the best loan for you.  Once you've found or have the perfect home,
you need the perfect loan to pay for it.  
Get the Best Rates & Terms!  
Please fill out our free loan request form.
Invest 90 Seconds!  You're in the right place!
FHA loan requirements and
guidelines are simple and easy to
understand. Prepare for your
FHA home loan with some
important steps to make sure
you can afford the mortgage.
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Earth Works Trust Financial Services doesn't lend money directly to borrowers, though we are a direct source to approved national lenders and
licensed independent mortgage professionals in your local area.  This allows for the widest variety of housing loan options to meet your needs. We
also work to make sure you have the resources you need when researching for a residential or manufactured home loan. We've developed tools to
make it easier to find the right loan product. Submission of this loan request form gives permission to contact you concerning housing loan products,
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FHA insured loans require mortgage
insurance to protect lenders against
losses that result from defaults on
home mortgages.

FHA lending limits vary based on a variety
of housing types and the state and county
in which the property is located.

Before you start the loan process,
you'll want to be prepared for the loan
application. Have your information
organized and ready for your loan officer.
Be prepared to pay for a property
appraisal and a credit report.

While FHA defines which closing costs
are allowable as charges to the borrower,
the specific costs and amounts that are
deemed reasonable and customary are
determined by each local FHA office.

In order to prevent homebuyers from
getting into a home they cannot afford, FHA
guidelines have been set in place requiring
borrowers and/or their spouse to qualify
according to set debt to income ratios.

An FHA loan applicant's past credit
performance that demonstrates good
credit history and a solid track record of
timely payments will likely be eligible
for the mortgage.
Manufactured and Mobile Home Loans